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Air Pollution Does More Damage Than You Think

By | source:Here Aug 1st, 2017

Nobody can deny that the air pollution is real. Cities have become filled with hazardous gasses and other fumes, each year we open more factories around the world, and instead of preserving the green, we destroy it. Pollution is not only affecting ozone layer and Earth’s atmosphere, but it is also affecting every living creature on this planet, including us, humans.

If you’ve been avoiding environmental issues, you may want to take note that the same pollution that is killing plants and wildlife is slowly killing us. Respiratory problems and heart diseases are just some of the many problems that come from air pollution.The worst part is that the children and the elderly are being impacted the most.

Clean air is absolutely necessary if we plan to have a long-lasting future on this planet. By the numbers, 4x as many people actually die from air pollution than from HIV/AIDS.  That is why it is important to raise awareness even if your area is not impacted by this problem right now. Go through this infographic and learn what consequences we are experiencing right now. It impacts not only health but also the economy.