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These Are The Extreme Weather Events That Terrify Americans Most

By | source:Here Aug 2nd, 2017

Growing up in Florida, hurricanes aren’t thought of as a huge deal. I remember my parents hosting hurricane parties when I was younger where we’d hunker down away from windows.

If you don’t live near a coast, you may not consider hurricanes an everyday thing. But regardless of where you live, chances are that you’ve encountered some kind of extreme weather event.

According to this infographic, hurricanes are the most memorable weather events for Americans––followed closely by blizzards. Also on the list? Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, hail and wildfires.

Of course, impactful weather events will vary from person to person. Some events are unforgettable because of the constant media coverage, like Hurricane Sandy, or the devastating damage, like Hurricane Katrina.

Interestingly enough, four of the most memorable tornadoes have happened in the last six years. Tornadoes in Missouri, Oklahoma, Alabama and Illinois all made the list.