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Maximizing Millennials: Why to Hire Gen Y

By | source: Jul 6th, 2012

With the economy still struggling, my generation is having a hard time finding jobs. It isn’t from lack of effort or lack of skill, it is just a bad job market. Salary size means less to us and more about just having a salary. One in three millennials say social freedom, flexibility and work mobility were more important than the amount in their paycheck and I can only agree. Working from home isn’t always the best choice, but sometimes it is. Feeling sick or tired? Don’t go into the office, just work from your living room. Many jobs now don’t absolutely require everyone to be in the office everyday. The employee feels like the have more control over their life, and at the same time still are working to further the company.

My generation also likes to work towards our passions, not just to get a job to have one. This mentality may hurt us now, but hopefully will pay off in the future when our experience has been built up. With 30% of Gen Y’s believing meaningful work is very important to them, packing boxes at a factory or sitting in a cubicle isn’t our idea of fun. [Via]