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The Best Active Coaches In College Football

By | source: Sep 14th, 2012

College football is finally back in season. This is a very cool time for my school, Texas State, as it is our first season ever in division 1 as an FBS team. Although our coach does not have as spectacular of a history as our neighbor Mack Brown, he is no stranger to winning. He is extreamly close to his 200th win in college football compared to only 100 losses. We know that it will be a few years until Texas State can beat one of the big dog schools of our state, but hopefully Franchione is the man to make it happen.

I know I’m now a Bobcat fan, but I was raised a Longhorn. I am happy to see Mack Browns’ face up on this infographic. As much as UT fans are disappointed with the recent performance of the football team, Mack Brown has only been an asset to UT athletics. I do wonder when Mack is going to step down. I had thought ex-defensive coordinator, Will Muschamp was going to take over the roll, but that didn’t happen. He now is head coach for the Florida Gators. Will Brown become a legacy coach and never retire? Will he stay in this rut or win another national title? We can only wait to see. [Via]