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Mood & Music

By | source: Aug 18th, 2013

Musical preference is unique to the listener. There are so many different cultures and personalities–which makes it quite difficult to decide what to listen to. In addition to different tastes in music, there are times and places where it may not be appropriate to play something.

A scene at the airport would be hard to imagine if one was able to hear hit rap songs over the PA system. A company like Toys’R’Us would not play rock music for their customers. Personally, some kind of rock is preferred. There is a science to song choices. Often our moods can determine what we might be listening to and where we might be listening to it.

According to the infographic, more people listen to rock music when they are upset. More people listen to pop music when they are happy. The study shows that people agree that music changes with mood. I cannot recall a time I saw a person who was really angry listening to jazz. Jazz just doesn’t cut it when you’re in a bad mood.

Letting people be themselves is one of the most important things you can do for them. We all have our own things going on too though. With close to half of people speaking up when they are displeased with the music around them, I’d say that there is a good balance of respecting others and advocating for ourselves. [via]