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Where You’ll Get Hacked

By | source: Aug 16th, 2013

People complain that they want privacy, and then they put all their information up on Facebook. Thus, hacking is ultra-easy. I have seen teenagers post pictures of their first credit card, then a month later their new college student I.D. These kids are so excited to have signs of growing up, but as we grow up our lives need to be more private to guard from hackers. Now I am a culprit of being very relaxed about my online privacy, meaning, I have the same password for multiple sites, I use my high school name as my clue, and the name of my high school is on Facebook somewhere. So hack away, I look forward to meeting the person who decides to take up my identity!

We may not worry about identity theft as much as physical property theft because it isn’t as scary and face to face as an actual robbery, but it is a digital robbery, identity theft can be life damaging. I have a friend whose family had been saving up for years to go to Disney World. This seemed to have all of the proper precautions needed to avoid identity theft or hackers. But somehow a hole was found and $6,000 was taken out of their savings. No Disney World for their family. But maybe the hacker had a nice trip instead? We can only hope.

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