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Most Targeted Books

By | source: Jun 15th, 2011

As a kid, banned books always held a sort of forbidden fruit appeal for me. The controversy surrounding The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn initially piqued my curiosity and prompted me to read. Sure, I probably would have read it anyway, but I mostly started reading to see for myself why it had been banned.

Todayâ??s infographic displays the most â??challengedâ? books of 2009 with parentsâ?? corresponding concerns. According to the infographic, even in 2009 certain parents didnâ??t like how To Kill a Mockingbird handled racism. Even Twilight couldnâ??t dodge the censorship bullet, as parents felt it was both unsuited to its target age group and sexually explicit.

I can understand parents trying to protect their own children (if cutting them off from a world of literature can be called protectingâ?¦ okay maybe I donâ??t understand). If they keep their children from To Kill a Mockingbird or The Color Purple, thatâ??s their call. However, â??challengingâ? or banning a book pushes that moral judgment onto a whole group of people who are entitled to make their own choices.

How many of the beleaguered books below have you read? [Via]