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Naked in a Dream?

By | source: Apr 7th, 2011

Have you ever wondered what dreams mean? Today’s infographic is all about finding the meaning behind them. Although it may not be scientifically proven, today’s infographic does a good job of putting meaning to dreams. In a psychology class I learned that dreams may actually have no meaning, they may just be random firings of our brains. When we sleep, our brain does not sleep with us, if it did, we would die. When we sleep our brain keeps working and fires random thoughts, not necessarily related to anything. However that is just one take, remember, we still do not know much about dreams.

As you may know REM or rapid eye movement is the deepest level of sleep and is the level at which most dreams happen. Have you ever found yourself naked in your own dream? Well you may be feeling vulnerable or even freedom, apparently one thing can mean complete opposites, like in a chase dream. In which case you may be feeling anxiety or ambition. Whether you agree that dreams have meaning or not you should give today’s infographic a good look, it is very interesting. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook! [via]

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