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Apocalypse!: A World Without Google

By | source: Apr 6th, 2011

For as long as I can remember, if I have not known something I have resorted to “googling” it. There once was a time whenever you had a question you had to go down to the library, find a book, and then within the book, the answer. Now all we have to do is type a couple of keywords into Google and you have access to thousands of websites with answers. Not only has Google provided us with the greatest research tool, but they offer many other tools, such as calendars, email, and what is essentially their equivalent of the Microsoft Office Suite. Anyway, we all know what Google has done, but where would we be without them?

Who would be top dog? Would it be Yahoo, or Bing, or some other one like Blekko? Like Apple, Google used minimalism and a good user interface to win their market share. Without Google we would lose image search, Google maps, and where would analytics be? A website’s prowess is judged by where they are in the Google rankings. The Internet would be a very different place without Google, that is for sure. Like us on Facebook! [via]

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