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Negotiation Station

By | source: Sep 20th, 2011

The real world seems so scary to us undergrads. Once we leave this school time bubble real life sets in. And with real life comes real responsibilities, real bills and a really big need for money. And for once this money isn’t coming from our parents, grand parents or financial aid. We are stranded with our education and our ambition.

This insightful infographic peers into the very important reality of salary, and more importantly salary negotiation. Surviving in this tight economy is a necessity, and negotiating your salary before January, June and July is crucial since those are the months where most raises are given.

And while money is essential for survival, it is happiness that is really at the core of living. In a Princeton study comparing job satisfaction to income level, a positive correlation between job satisfaction and salary only exists up until the $75,000 mark. In my opinion, the moral behind this infographic is to find a job you love, negotiate for a salary of $75,000 during January, June or July and live happily ever after. [Via]