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Olympics: Then vs. Now

By | source: Jul 27th, 2012

Just to make sure we over-saturate your day with the olympics, here is the winner of our Infographic Idea Contest! David L. Smith, CEO of Mediasmith out of San Francisco, submitted the idea to compare today’s games to the past. In partnership with Infographic World and SodaHead, we have compiled some of the most interesting facts about the biggest sporting event in history.

Along with the more than fifty games being played this summer in London, there is one you can participate in tonight: The 2012 Opening Ceremony Drinking Game. As a lazy college student lacking the drive, skill or ‘Phelps’ element as I like to call it, this may be the only event I participate in (although I do plan on taking home gold!)

Aside from drinking, the Olympic Games are epic. They have been around for a long time showing how physically superior the human body can be. Every athlete gives it her or his all. No one gives up until they cannot continue and that is why the games are so popular. I have watched so many different events with my family from cross country to boxing and every single one is entertaining.

The sense of country pride combined with the world coming together for a single event is one-of-a-kind. The politics are tossed away for a brief moment to focus on the athleticism of a country and not its background or history. Culture barriers are torn down and an atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood is created between competitors. These ideas keep the Olympics the world’s most anticipated sporting event and it will hold that position as long it can keep its reputation as an international haven.