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Pairing Wine and Food

By | source:Here Apr 27th, 2013

Jesus turned water into it, people stomp their feet to make it, and it can still be ingested after 200 years of proper storage. This distinctive beverage is wine. The practice of making wine has been around for 6,000 years and is still used for celebratory, religious and even health purposes. Wine is produced on every continent, except Antarctica. Wine production is especially prevalent in Italy, Spain and France. France even opened the first academic center devoted to studying wine.

I grew up drinking Manischewitz wine during communion at my family church. Now that I am finally 21, my world is opening up to the plethora of wines to choose from. Unfortunately, the concord wine I enjoyed at church (which is practically grape juice) did not make the menu of different wines in the infographic for today. I will have to expose my palate to the world of wine, and the amazing amount of thought that is put into pairing it with food to make a meal perfect. Looks like the fixings for a great dinner party!