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Moving Offices

By | source: Apr 26th, 2013

Taking on new staff? Need to be closer to clients? Is the commute killing you and your employees? There comes a time in many a business when you need to move office. It might have been just right at the start, but for whatever reason, your situation has changed and it is now appropriate to locate your business elsewhere. They frequently say that moving house can be one of the most stressful events in a personâ??s lifetime, but if youâ??re an office manager or a business owner then moving office might be just as intimidating!

But what if you had a step by step checklist to help ease you through the upheaval process? From solicitors to schedules, teams to tasks, and employees to equipment – there is plethora factors and elements that you have to consider. This infographic takes a detailed look at everything you need to make sure that the move from old office to new is as swift and as stress free as possible. [Via]