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Parents and Facebook

By | source: Aug 15th, 2011

Although I am not a parent, I understand the concern they have when it comes to Facebook. As kids we do not always see the dangers in the things we do, but our parents do. After all isn’t that why they are there? We all know the internet can be a scary place and kids are doing dumb things on it all the time. I’m sure not knowing what your kid(s) are doing on the internet can be terrifying.

Do the dangers on the internet outweigh the invasion of privacy? With Facebook continuing to grow in popularity more and more demographics seem to be joining it. It is becoming so popular that our parents are joining and friending us along with our friends. Worrying children as to what their parents will see. Personally, I don’t mind friending adults after all you can just add them to a list that only sees limited things on your profile.

Hope you enjoy today’s infographic titled The spy who raised me. While it is yet another infographic with Facebook as its subject its one that takes a different prospective. [via]

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