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Streaming killed the video star

By | source: Aug 16th, 2011

This might be the most amazing infographic title yet. I just had to feature it the minute I read it! And I have spent the remainder of my day humming “video killed the radio star.”

This catchy phrase rings alarmingly true. At the turn of 1980, video began to replace the radio stars, and now as the 2010’s continue on, online viewing has starting replacing tv viewing. Sites like hulu, netflix and youtube are becoming so popular. Why pay for dvr when you can watch streaming episodes hours after the original airs. Why pay for cable when thousands of shows are available at your fingertips. The era of the couch potato is being replaced by the era of the computer chair. And to make it more comfortable, you can always lay in bed with a laptop propped up, like I do.

The mobility of Americans causes this streaming craze to grow. Many Americans who are TV crazed and easily bored, just like I am, watch countless youtube videos on youtube mobile and have even downloaded hulu and netflix apps. Not only does this allow for TV on the go, but it kills productivity at work! Trust me on that one.

And to clarify, while I am referencing netflix because I am constantly on netflix, it is not included in this infographic because the data refers to online streaming only. Netflix uses primarily device streaming, which is why it is not included!

Will streaming videos really kill live videos like video killed radio? Only time will tell.