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Perk Up Your Meals With Delicious Fresh Herbs

By | source:Here Oct 14th, 2021

Herbs are healthy and delicious and best eaten fresh which is why you may want to try growing your own. This way you’re sure of an almost endless supply of fresh ready to use herbs to perk up your favorite dishes. Herbs are also very easy to grow and they don’t need a lot of space. This comprehensive infographic offers the best combinations of all the most popular herbs along with the ingredients that best showcase their flavors.

Be careful some of these herbs, like thyme and rosemary have quite robust flavors so you’ll want to experiment with quantities and cooking times. The more robust the flavor, the longer you can cook them for. Some like mint, coriander, and parsley are eaten raw sprinkled over a savory dish or added to salads.

Oregano and basil are perfect for a quick Italian meal or tossed into pasta. Make your own pesto with basil or coriander. Mint grows like weeds and makes the most refreshing of summer drinks the Mohito.

When it comes to cooking with herbs, practice makes perfect. Once you’ve grown accustomed to using these piquant little plants you won’t look back, creating your own flavors and wowing your family and friends. Happy cooking.