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Defeat Illness With Plants You Probably Have At Home

By | source:Here Jan 22nd, 2022

Are you feeling a bit under the weather? Worry no more. Here are some simple remedies you can use with plants you probably already own. Check them out!

For centuries and before the rise of doctors, surgeries and vaccines, people used plants and minerals as a way to cure any illness. For sure, it didn’t *always* work, but it was effective for minor ailments. This knowledge was carefully passed down from parents to children, until the dawn of social media. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that abrupt. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that our industrial world has favored drug based medical care instead of the seemingly unreliable treatment with herbs and other unusual ingredients.

I’m not saying we should never seek medical help, or disregard the good work doctors and amazing nurses everywhere are accomplishing. I’m just in favor of not abandoning the healing properties that plants can have. After all, most medical innovations are being made by studying components already found in nature. What’s more, those old wives tales usually include some very handy recommendations that will help with the absorption of the beneficial components.

This is the case with curry, for example. The traditional preparation includes turmeric, as well as a boatload of black pepper (among other spices). The high amount of black pepper improves the absorption of curcumin, the beneficial compound in turmeric with anti-inflammatory properties.

If you’re interested in the healing power of plants, check out today’s infographic! You probably already have at home most of these.