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Pet Insurance 101

By | source: Feb 13th, 2014

When I was about 10 years old, my paternal grandmother slipped into a deep depression. She had battled depression her entire life, but this time around seemed especially bad. I was too young to understand the magnitude of her episodes, but it was enough for my father and his two brothers to get together and conjure up a plan to help bring my grandmother out of her depression’s crippling hold.

Their solution? A dog. Not just any dog, but an adorable teeny tiny white poodle, whom she named Benji. That poodle is still alive and is my grandmother’s pride and joy. She cares about Benji so much, that she purchased health insurance for him so his monthly checkups wont be such a financial burden to her.

Pet insurance is a smart investment to make for pets that regularly get sick, old, or are simply a member of the family. Check out today’s infographic to see the steps you should take when purchasing pet health insurance! [via]