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Are You a Last-Minute Romantic?

By | source: Feb 13th, 2014

Have you already purchased your lover’s Valentines gift? As a last minute gift giver myself, I feel proud this year to have my girlfriend’s present already shipped to my house. I gave up physical shopping a long time ago and with online options like Amazon Prime, I can shop for anything and get free two day shipping. Online shopping is great, but some holidays like tomorrow’s need fresh, beautiful flowers and a love note the internet cannot provide.

My hometown, Austin, TX is ranked number 6 for the most likely to buy gifts last-minute. I can understand that. We’re more laid back in Austin and littered with small, local gift shops with employees more than willing to help find the perfect gift for your significant other. Finding a great gift doesn’t take hours at the mall going shop to shop. Although, dining in Austin on V-day can be hell.

There is no way to have a nice dinner out without reserving your table weeks in advance. Austin has plenty of restaurants, but we also have plenty of foodies. Gift giving in central Texas is a little easier than dining. I hope the Austinites reading this have already made a reservation. [Via]