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How To Appeal To Modern Tech Consumers

By | source:IDG Communications, Inc. Feb 4th, 2020

Consumer spending is on the rise, but does your business know what to invest in? IDG’s survey on consumer spending will help give you a profile on what exactly tech enthusiasts will be excited about this coming year.

Predicting product popularity is getting difficult in the age of “viral trends”. It can be impossible to know what will be trending next or how it will last when all it takes is a single tweet or TikTok in order to set people abuzz. That’s why IDG has done this survey based on consumer spending in 2019–in order to help you predict trends in this coming year. By paying attention to what kind of technology people are spending money on, it can be easier to see what products are worth your business’ attention.

In this day and age, people are getting their information from a wide variety of sources, which presents a unique problem for businesses trying to communicate with their target demographic. According to IDG, 31% of your consumers will influence 5 people after a new tech purchase. That is a large volume of people who may not be getting the message you want for your audience! However, by understanding what your consumers want and using the necessary tools to help you predict the coming trends, you’re company will have a much better marketing strategy.