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Workouts To Stay Fit During Pregnancy

By | source:Here Dec 13th, 2020

Your face swells with a big smile when the doctor breaks the news that you’re pregnant. Whether this is the first or not, pregnancy brings joy. 

This good news often comes with numerous responsibilities. Every action you take will (in some way or another) affect your baby, your delivery, and your own overall health. This is one reason why physical activities are often listed as an important factor for pregnant women. 

Physical Activities During Pregnancy 

It is often advised that pregnant women engage in at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. It is best to spread these minutes across the week, but when that is not feasible, at least three days a week is appropriate. 

Such activities can involve aerobic or resistance exercise. This may include Yoga, gentle stretching, pelvic floor relaxation exercises (Kegels should be done daily), etc. It is also best to incorporate a warm-up and cool down into your physical activity schedule. 

Factors To Consider 

Before you start engaging in physical activities, it is best to note that moderate exercise is the most effective when you’re pregnant. It is also essential to consider your health status, experience, and current situation when choosing which exercise is best for you.