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Presidential Candidates Ranked By Their Supporter’s Grammar Knowledge

By | source:Grammarly Oct 8th, 2015

Today’s infographic gives a unique view into the education level that each candidate is pandering to. The race is in a very early stage with the actual nominee positions still up for grabs. Will we have a come-from-behind nominee like Obama did in 2008? Will the election end up Clinton VS Bush again? I hope not. We’re a democracy, not Oligarchy.

No surprise Trump trumps the list with his supporters garnering almost 13 grammar mistakes every 100 words they post on his social media outlets. I’m sorry if you’re a Trump supporter, I really am. You have a field of options to put your support behind and you go with the one guy that has no idea what it’s like to make decisions in the public atmosphere.

Take these statistics with a grain of salt. This wasn’t a professional study and possibly not even honest, but it’s still fun to think about.