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Just Married: Your Post-Wedding Checklist

By | source:shutterfly Oct 9th, 2015

All of that planning, all of that time and money, but what do you do after you’re hitched? First off you need to thank who showed up. Make and send out thank you cards to your attendees. The next step is to get your photographer to get on top of editing. Get those photos and videos out there so your family and friends can remember your big day.

If you’ve made a name change make sure to get your government documents, corporate emails and stationary changed. The last step to wrapping up the wedding details is unwrapping. Document and inventory all of your wedding gifts.

Now you get to do some other fun stuff married couples get to do! Share your finances by opening a joint bank account. Find out what tax benefits or health benefits you have now that you’re partnered up. Talk about the future, and plan accordingly.