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Life Spans of the Animal Kingdom

By | source:helpucover Oct 11th, 2015

I love today’s infographic. Simple, quick, pleasing color scheme and an interesting topic. I believe putting the lifespan of animals in perspective is something I haven’t focused on since grade school. Cool and interesting facts about the animal kingdom is something most of us end learning about around middle school. Today’s graphic gives us the opportunity to take in some of the wonders of the world. I’ll keep my eye out for similar data visualizations for the future!

I do wish this graphic had the answer to the ultimate animal lifespan myth that house flies only live 24 hours. In reality, house flies live for almost an entire month. Gnats or Mayflies can live up to a week, but most die within a few hours or days. With the help of my apple cider vinegar trap hopefully only a few minutes.

With new medicine and technology I have a feeling I’ll see the first person to outlive a Giant Tortoise. The lifespan of humans could, in the distant future, be endless. We’re coming for you jellyfish.