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The Cost of Bad Customer Service

By | source:salesforcedesk Oct 12th, 2015

Most of us know what it is like to be a customer who feels slighted or provoked into terminating a business relationship or into writing a bad review. For some reason the idea of waiting to talk to a computer to resolve our issues feels just as much hopeless as it does a slap in the face. Our thoughts and opinions are valid and crucial for our service providers to understand. If the company we are giving our money to refuses to wise up or neglects to take our complaint seriously, our response is to take our business elsewhere. This is often the right choice.

To the agent and to the system that failed to handle our concerns properly, you are losing your company’s money. It shouldn’t take us 5 minutes to reach a human who can actually help us take action. We need to be taken seriously and we need to have all our questions met with adequate responses. When we as customers don’t get what we need, it costs the U.S. approximately $84 Billion and $338.5 Billion world wide.

We don’t need a computer voice to try and make things feel more simple. We need customer service representatives who can go beyond what has been designated as satisfactory and to strive to achieve results previously thought to be unrealistic. With so much cheddar on the line, we the customer, ask you the supplier, to please hire people who are capable, empathetic, adaptable, and driven to make a difference; we need it, and your business needs it.