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A Primer on Indian Curry

By | source:Here Jul 1st, 2017

The first things that come to mind when I think about an Indian curry are the fragrant aromas, the colorful dishes, the flowing melody of flavors, and not to forget to put an extra toilet roll in the bathroom.

Today’s infographic gives us a little information about the ins and outs of authentic Indian cuisine, and how curry lovers prefer their favorite dishes.

Curry must be one of the most versatile and complimentary foods on the planet, and is served with a host of sides dishes, breads and condiments. Contrary to what many people think about people who eat curry, they not really in it for the burn. 65 percent of curry eaters say that they prefer their curry to be a medium heat, eating more for the flavor than the actual spicy sensation.

Eating with your hands seems to be the preference of curry eaters. I do wonder if that is a more practical approach to eating a curry, or if it has more to do with the authenticity of the cuisine. Whatever the reason, it sounds good to me. I love eating with my hands. Some of the spices were a little bit foreign to me, so I’m glad none of these crazy ingredients are involved.