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How To Take Amazing Pictures Of Fireworks On Independence Day

By | source:Here Jun 30th, 2017

Have you ever attended a really great fireworks show? Maybe you’ve thought about sharing the moment on social media and realized it’s nearly impossible to capture fireworks on camera.

Fear not! All it takes is some preparation and patience. If you already have an SLR camera, great. If not, try to borrow one from a friend.

You’ll also need a tripod, remote release, and piece of cardboard painted matte black. You’ll also need to change the settings on your camera: Flash and noise reduction are both no-nos, and it’s important to have a low ISO.

The infographic gives you a step-by-step guide to getting the perfect shot, but it comes down to leaving your shutter open for an uncomfortable amount of time. Trust us on this one––it’s worth it.

Additionally, you can use the cardboard to make sure no extra light enters your camera lens between bursts. It’s also important to stay away from crowds and other light sources, as you don’t want anything ruining your pictures.

While fireworks are pretty to look at, they can also be dangerous. Learn more about how to avoid injuries this holiday season with this infographic.