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Public Transportation Savings

By | source: Jul 1st, 2012

In today’s modern world there are several “green” movements that are attempting to enrich the planet and make it a better, more sustainable place to live. Activities ranging from planting trees to using biodegradable or reusable grocery bags are among the ways that people are helping the environment, but one of the most vitally important ways to help involves getting from Point A to Point B: carpooling and public transportation.

Today’s infographic from outlines the positive impact that increased public transportation has made in the past few years. Thanks to so many people opting not to use their cars, as much as 37 million tons of CO2 are not released and 340 million gallons of fuel aren’t used annually. That’s a lot of saved money on gas!

If you live in a metropolitan area, public transportation is a great way to not only dip less into our natural resources but also to help potentially save a good deal of money on the cost of getting around, and carpooling can be equally as helpful for those that don’t live near public means of transportation.

For more information on the benefits of public transportation refer to the infographic below.