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What Happens When You Quit Smoking?

By | source:Here Nov 16th, 2021

What happens when you stop smoking? Some amazing things. Here is a timeline for the next 15 years of non-smoking and what it can do to your health.

20 Minutes After Your Last Cigarette

Your blood pressure and pulse return to normal. These are boosted by certain chemicals within cigarette’s, most notably nicotine which is a stimulant.

8 Hours After Your Last Cigarette

Blood oxygen levels normalize, decreasing heart attack risk. This is a big step in the right direction for anyone trying to give up smoking. These results have been confirmed in numerous studies on the effects of smoking.

2 Days After Your Last Cigarette

After 2 days something surprising happens. Your smell and taste noticeably improve. This is something that most smokers didn’t realize had been impaired and only begin to notice as it improves. Your carbon monoxide levels also drop to normal levels.

3 Days After Your Last Cigarette

Breathing becomes significantly easier and energy levels begin to rise. Natural energy levels rise as the dependence on nicotine subsides. While you may still feel low energy, it is primarily due to the absence of nicotine. One this dissipates your improved natural energy will shine through.

1-3 Months After Your Last Cigarette

Circulation and female fertility begin to improve. Infertility rates in both men and women that smoke are about half the rates of non-smokers.

1-5 Years After Your Last Cigarette

Risk of heart disease, stroke and blood clots is significantly reduced. Most of the damage caused by smoking can be healed over time. The body is very resilient and will repair itself in the right environment. It typically takes a few years to fully reduce your risk for most major illnesses and diseases.

10 Years After Your Last Cigarette

Risk of lung cancer is equal to that of a non-smoker. This is a big deal because for a long time it was believed that lung damage could not be undone. It turns out that your risk for lung cancer can be fully reduced after 10 years of not smoking.

15 Years After Your Last Cigarette

Risk of heart attack and stroke is the same as someone who has never smoked before. This is truly amazing. After 15 years without a cigarette your body will be fully healed nearly to the point of never having smoked before.

While quitting smoking is extremely difficult, the benefits you get from giving up this habit are immense. Learn more at