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Running Style and Your Shoes

By | source: Jun 14th, 2012

I am currently on a quest for an amazing running shoe; A shoe that will last as I clock in the miles. Iâ??ve finally recovered from a meniscus tear and plan to reward myself with an amazing pair of running shoes so I can hit the miles hard. Itâ??s crazy that a great pair of running shoes can make the difference in your performance. Iâ??ve been a devoted customer to Saucony since my freshman year of high school. Iâ??ve only had great experiences with their shoes regardless of the shoe model in terms of my running style. But this time, I want to get fitted for a shoe that is made for my personal running style.

Thankfully, I wonâ??t have to make that trip to a fancy running store. Todayâ??s infographic provides me with all the knowledge I need when looking for a running shoe that fits my needs. I am personally an under-pronater with high arches who runs on roads. What kind of running style are you? [via]