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Turns Out P.E. Is Actually An Important Class

By | source:Here Jun 22nd, 2021

After a year of being quarantined due to the regulations meant to avoid the spread of the current Covid-19 pandemic, parents all over the world are struggling and realizing how hard it is to educate their own children. One thing parents all over the world might be missing though, is that kids also require a recurrent dose of physical activity during their early development.

That’s the reason why schools include a physical education course in their programs–other than teaching kids to square dance. They’re in charge of children’s education, and since these kids are expected to be at school for a good chunk of their days, school programs make it important to include different forms of physical activity in order to fill in this important element of child development.

There are actually more benefits to this beyond just having a healthier kid. Yes, some of the obvious benefits are healthier bones, hearts, and weight that will positively affect their adult lives. However, there are also the short-term benefits of having happier and more engaged kids in class, with the added benefit that kids are more prone to pay attention if they have depleted some of the excess energy emanating from their lively little bodies.

So, it’s a win-win for everyone involved really!