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17 Secrets Inspirational Leaders Use To Nurture And Improve For Success

By | source:InitiativeOne Nov 14th, 2018

Are motivating leaders formed or born? Research suggests that leadership behaviors are 24% genetic and 76% learned. Which leadership traits can you build upon?  People from all areas of life, including extroverts and introverts, rise to leadership roles. Not all people are blessed with the instincts to lead, but their dedication to becoming a great leader eventually pays off. If you struggle to inspire people now, then there are traits you can develop to make yourself an effective leader.

The most important characteristics of great leaders are empathy and self-awareness. A sound leader is genuine both in words and action. Inspirational leaders demonstrate this by wanting others to succeed and by valuing the ideas of the people on their team.

Staying centered helps a leader inspire others. This deep understanding of strengths and weaknesses influences their decisions. Strong leaders aren’t afraid to hire people to fill the talent areas that they lack. They delegate responsibilities and set up systems so others can master the tasks like a pro.

Fear and negativity spreads quickly and destroys teams, so have a clear mission, stay positive, and solve problems as they arise instead of complain about them. Even Steve Jobs, whose intensity and ego often got the best of him, knew, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”

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