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How to be a Good Boss

By | source: Jul 25th, 2013

Having a good supervisor plays a huge part in how well you enjoy your work place. I have personally been lucky enough to have had only the best supervisors throughout my two year stint as a resident assistant. Two supervisors come to mind when I think of a good boss, Estee and Aaron. Not only were they both extremely dedicated to their jobs, but they were extremely dedicated to their staff as well.  In addition to remaining approachable during their stressful job,  they were also genuinely interested and concerned with our lives and would go above and beyond to help.

Because of the great work environment they created, us as a staff truly enjoyed our work. I can only hope to embody their characteristics when I move up to a supervisor position. Read on to learn some of the positive characteristics of boss and try to incorporate them into your workplace! [via]