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Secrets Of The World’s Oldest People

By | source: Apr 16th, 2014

What is the key to immortality- is it achievable? This question has been hot on the minds of human-beings for eternity. Iâ??ll save you some time- the answer is no. About the closest thing to achieving immortality is being a supercentenarian (not to be confused with â??super-saiyanâ?) which is the term for someone who is 110 years or older. It seems quite difficult to become a supercententarian – there are currently only 65 known worldwide. Is there a method to achieving this hallowed state? Is there a path we can all follow to unlock the sagely gifts of supercentenarianism? Letâ??s find out.

Well first off, 62 of the 65 known people over 110 are women, so you men out there are already fighting an uphill battle. Beyond that, people who exercise often and have smaller body frames are more likely to live longer. Enroll in a water aerobics class! Furthermore, plant-based diets and being socially active seems to help in becoming super old. Also, being a farmer is a common trait of centenarians- which makes sense because it seem like every farmer Iâ??ve ever met is really, really old. Geographically speaking, I assumed most centenarians would live somewhere cold (because meat spoils slower in the fridge, duh) but most centenarians have actually lived quite close to the equator.

All jokes aside, it seems the most important factor is genetics. Centenarians are 20 times more likely to have had a relative who also lived to a very old age. So what it essentially comes down to is luck. After all- the oldest person to have ever lived, Jeanne Calment, smoked for 100 years. So smoke up, and never pass on an opportunity to eat a Big-Mac- cause you probably arenâ??t going to live as long as the people in this infographic. [Via]