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Self-Employment In The UK

By | source:EvolutionMoney Aug 6th, 2015

Being self-employed is a blessing and a curse. Those who take on this role give away the steady paycheck to blaze their own path to success. The awful hierarchy of corporations and middle management are left behind and a sense of adventure and risk fill one’s senses.

Some of the harder aspects of being your own boss I find is the lack of motivation. Why work on a project when Netflix is just in the other room? Why go to the gym when I don’t need to set my alarm? Finally, the hardest part of being self-employed is the act of building your own business. Competition is stiff and establishing yourself as an essential contractor can be difficult. Besides the hardships that come with self-employment, many would argue the positives outweigh the negatives.

Choosing your own hours is one of the largest perks. It helps you be move of yourself and leave more time for hobbies or traveling. Also taxes can be less of a burden when self-employed, or you may have small-business government assistance.

The self-employment route can be a dream come true for some. Make sure to do your homework before diving in head first.