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Social Media: The Best Time to Outreach

By | source: Jan 6th, 2015

Whether you’re using social media for business or pleasure, certain parts of the day are better for posting, pinning and tweeting than others. Not to mention, it differs for every platform. While you might be more successful with Pinterest and Tumblr over the weekend, Facebook and Twitter get better traffic during the week. But don’t forget that the time of day matters, too.

It’s also important to think about your audience. Think about who you’re trying to reach, when and how they access these sites, and what they like to see. I find myself constantly checking multiple social media platforms throughout the day, but I’m one of those people who stay connected through my phone, tablet AND laptop. Although I notice a lot less activity in the morning and late at night, the peak time for using Google+ is in the early morning. According to the infographic, the fastest growing demographic on Google+ is 45-54 year olds. If that’s your target audience, you better get more familiar with Google’s social media platform.

I have one last tip before I leave you to analyze this infographic. Facebook and Twitter posts with images receive more interaction than those without, so pull out that camera and snap away!