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Software Development Trends 2021

By | source:Here Feb 16th, 2021

The software development industry was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic no less than other spheres.
SaM Solutions analyzed statistics and compiled the top ten software development trends in one big infographic to better visualize what software developers and business owners are going to see in 2021.
First of all, the world is moving to a primarily digital model: companies pay more attention to their technology roadmaps with the focus on cloud migration, contactless services and DevOps activities.
That’s why the IT sector is predicted to grow, though it was also hit by the pandemic.
Remote work has become the new normal for the majority of software development companies; it can even increase the productivity of development teams.
The demand for cloud services and e-Commerce software solutions is growing at a rapid pace due to the increasing remote work model and high necessity of contactless activities.
What concerns software development tools, JavaScript remains the most used programming languages  but Python is catching up. Containers and microservices are gaining popularity on par with the practice of continuous integration, delivery and deployment (CI/CD).
A new approach to creating apps known as low-code development that promises simplification of the software engineering process is worth paying attention to.
And finally, the demand for software development outsourcing is increasing because it’s more profitable for a company to turn to professionals than try to hire talented IT specialists who could develop high-quality custom solutions.