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The Incredible Spread Of #MeToo Visualized

By | source:Here May 1st, 2019

Civil rights activist, Tarana Burke founded the #MeToo movement years ago, and it grew exponentially  via the hashtag following sexual allegations concerning a top American film producer. The #MeToo movement is a means of bringing awareness to and fighting against sexual harassment and sexual assault. The movement has provided an avenue for survivors and individuals to share their journey—a journey that is unfortunately not often heard. The movement aims to de-stigmatize the issue of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Designer Valentina D’Efilippo and front end engineer Lucia Kocinkova took a closer look at the hashtag over the years and were the minds behind this interactive infographic that documents the movement’s life, anatomy, and footprint on social media.

The infographic compares the #MeToo movement to a dandelion. The creators researched conversations that are indicative of those respective phases, and when the viewer hovers over the seed on the dandelion, they can read those tweets or conversations about key events. The color of the seed represents the number of likes, the size of the seed represents the number of followers, and the pattern represents the number of comments. There is a circle around the center of the dandelion that depicts a timeline as to when each of these events occurred.

The pattern continues to document language that has entered mainstream conversations and looks like it’s continuing to spread.  For a closer look click on the infographic to enlarge.