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State Of Cloud Computing In The Enterprise

By | source: Nov 21st, 2014

Information storage is becoming more and more convenient as cloud computing is becoming standard procedure for many individuals and businesses. Cloud computing allows people to access multiple files from different devices, regardless of where they’re at (just as long as they have an Internet connection). Organizations are beginning to implement clouds into the daily routine of employees, making the system more easily accessible.

69 percent of organizations surveyed have at least one application in the cloud, while 18 percent plan to have at least one in the next 12 months, leaving only 13 percent that plan to have an application in the cloud within the next 1 – 3 years.This technological innovation has helped increase IT efficiency all over the map, while keeping IT staffs employed.

Three models of the cloud are currently being used, which include public, private, and a hybrid cloud. The majority of users interact with the public cloud, while 57 percent use the private, and only 19 percent use the hybrid. Although these clouds make it easier for users to acquire information, they are not without their faults.

A problem for the public cloud is that there is an uncertain ability to enforce security policies. There is also a concern for access across an untrusted network, as well as uncertainty in the ability to audit providers. However, enterprise strategies for security are being created and implemented, providing a much safer cloud for users to interact with. [via]