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Substance Abuse and Suicide Risk

By | source: Apr 4th, 2014

I have never done any hard drugs. One point in my life whenever I was in a certain state of mind, I knew that if hard drugs were presented to me, I would have taken them. Substance abuse would have made me take hard drugs, and they could also make someone do something even worse, like kill themselves. Is suicide really that bad? We have our own lives, and if we chose to end it, why does everyone have to get so sad? Why do we have to watch out for each other so much?

Suicide is such a huge happening that there are places famous for committing suicide. The Golden Gate Bridge, Aokigahara Forest and Mount Mihara are all famous for attracting people to end their lives. Why not control your death? I admit that we should strive to not bring people to this depression that causes suicide, but maybe some suicidal people have just reached a point in their life where they know that NOTHING MATTERS and no matter what they do time will go on and that ending their life could be the most selfless thing to do. Really, is life too great to end it? Probably not when abusing a substance.