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A Humorous Guide To Surviving A Zombie Movie

By | source:Here Apr 20th, 2021

Stories of zombies have caught the public imagination for centuries and it seems that the fascination with the subject has not abated. This was demonstrated by the recent popularity of the television series about a world overrun by the walking dead.

This infographic isn’t just good for comic purposes. The information on what to pack for an emergency would be helpful in any situation. There is also surprisingly a great deal more helpful information available on the internet to help prepare your family for a zombie attack.

It may surprise you that advice on how to survive a zombie apocalypse was recently issued by the Centers for Disease Control. It’s called the Zombie Preparedness guide. The CDC says that when it first published these guidelines, they were intended as a tongue-in-cheek means of informing people how to prepare for an extreme occurrence. It was actually meant to help citizens to prepare for hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

The CDC listed guidelines included advice on how to create an emergency kit that would last a few days. The CDC then offers guidelines on what to do when the zombies have reached your door. This includes a list of emergency contacts, the place where you plan to evacuate, and a full evacuation plan. The blog was originally posted in 2011 and received much praise from the public.

The CDC points out that recent extreme weather such as that experienced in Texas makes their emergency plans ever more relevant.