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Sydney VS Barcelona: Where To Go And What To Do

By | source:Apartments In Barcelona Jul 28th, 2015

Contrary to the rivalry present in today’s title, this infographic has convinced me I need to go to both Sydney and Barcelona. As a fan of modern architecture the Sydney Opera House has always been on my list of building to visit. Sydney’s iconic opera house garners international recognition, but Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia does as well. This massive, unfinished basilica may not have modern architecture, but rich history and glorious towers fill my mind with a yearning to visit.

Both cities access the sea leading to beautiful beaches and magical sea creatures. Although both cities have extraordinary aquariums, I might lean more to a SCUBA diving excursion.

Finally the food and entertainment scene in both cities are world renown. Spain’s festivals are filled with rich traditions and extravagant gatherings. Sydney is more contemporary celebrating culture and creativity.

No matter which city you plan on visiting the experience will be unique. I hope to see you there.