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The Job Market Battle: London VS Paris

By | source: Jul 27th, 2015

Just for fun I’ve been checking out more global career options. Which countries have have better pay, more paid time off, and enjoy a lesser cost of living? Due to my history of being an ignorant American I’ve never learned a second language. This immediately effected my possible opportunities. I started to look at english speaking countries like the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Let’s take a look at Australia first. This country’s attitude vs vacation days is fantastic. Unlike America, where PTO is usually around 10 days a year, Australia, by law, requires 20 days PTO per year (on top of seven paid national holidays). Executives and upper management will push their employees to use up all of their vacation days. Their culture values life outside of work. Australia isn’t the only country with a good vacation schedule. English speaking or not, most first world countries offer around 20 or more days off a year. How has America never fought for something similar?

There is a small shimmer of light in the US for employees. A new trend is popping up among American start-ups called unlimited paid time off. The gist of Unlimited PTO is that as long as the employee gets their job done, they’re not required to be in the office. This idea is creating happier employees who end up working harder at their job. Hopefully Unlimited PTO becomes a widespread policy across the globe.

Don’t be afraid to search for a job out of your native country. There could be perks you’ve never dreamed of.