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Technologies’ Impact On The Network

By | source: Mar 9th, 2014

The use of the internet increases more and more everyday. With more devices that have have larger capabilities the  opportunity for expansion allows for wider usage no matter the location. Since with development of cloud storage, users can take their work home or anywhere they have internet connection. There is a high level of engagement from all areas in the work force to push forward new initiatives that enable users to work from any location through whichever medium they choose.

The technology industry is so new that leaders are needed to help drive more innovation into the field of SDN (Software-Defined Networking). With more and more users needing to access the internet, the world needs faster availability and lower chances of experiencing congestion while online. While developers are engineering ways to help us find solutions to navigate the network with more speed and security, there are already some challenges to overcome first.

Making sure that data is secure is the most important issue at hand. Being that everything is so connected there must be measures to keep networks secure so that everything, including you, are secure. The networking field is growing and we need more solution-makers to help keep up with the amount of people using the networks. [Via]