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Technology Use In College By The Numbers

By | source:Here May 19th, 2019

Are you a pencil-lover or would you rather take your class notes with a keyboard? Classrooms and computers are more entwined than ever. Today’s infographic is all about the relationship between students and technology.

Technology and innovation has been creeping into the classroom for years now. As more and more people have incorporated the digital world into their lives, it’s only logical that it has also become part of a well-rounded education.

In fact, using online resources and other technologies helps students be more prepared for the digital future.

Pairing up computers with classroom lessons make the latter more understandable and leads to students making better connections with the real world.

Recent studies even show that  technology in the classroom might also help students retain the material better, when compared with traditional textbooks. I think most of us can agree that well-made apps are more engaging than normal books, and considering that the rising costs of college textbooks leading more students to look for online resources, it seems technology in the classroom is our future.

This connects with the next finding: students are more engaged when their education is paired up with technology. This makes for a more fruitful classroom experience and turns education into a group process.

In the end, technology has the ability to make education more accessible, especially in the case of physical or learning disabilities. Nevertheless, it’s always important to keep in mind that computer access isn’t equal among all groups. In this sense, teachers shouldn’t assume their students are privileged enough to have access to a laptop at all times. If you’d like to know more about this, check out today’s infographic!