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Teens vs. Seniors: Who’s More Dangerous On The Road?

By | source:Here Aug 13th, 2017

My 96-year-old great-grandmother still drives herself everywhere––it’s become her claim to fame. People look pretty nervous when I share this fun fact, though.

While I trust my grandma’s driving abilities, it turns out that people may have a right to be concerned: While teenagers are reckless and impulsive, they have quick reaction time. Senior citizens have trouble with reacting quickly and keeping track of all the essential things you need to keep an eye on while driving.

Younger drivers are more likely to speed and drive under the influence, but older drivers are more prone to make mistakes at intersections and have more trouble seeing the road.

While teens get in more accidents, older people are more likely to die, mainly because their bodies are more fragile. There are some simple solutions to make the roads safer for everyone. We could add rearview cameras, larger buttons on cars, and highway signs that are more reflective and easier to read.

So we’ve established there are changes we could make to have safer roadways, but not all laws are so sensible. Learn more about the strangest driving laws around the world.