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By | source:Imgur Jun 21st, 2015

I really wish I had more to say about today’s infographic besides the fact that I have the upmost respect for hotdogs and their passionate consumers. I’m from Texas, we take our pork and beef seriously. If we’re grounding anything up it’s called a sausage and smoked to perfection. Maybe that’s why there isn’t a Texas style hotdog on this infographic today.

The closest one I can see that could possibly be from Texas would have the best the furthest country from ours: The Norway. It’s not like we’re going out of our way to create ‘the Norway’ style hotdog, we literally just have tortillas laying around more often than any type of hotdog bun.

I’ll step off of my hotdog beef for a second to congratulate some regions on magnificent hotdog concoctions. Cleveland, Ohio you may have won my heart when I think of the greatest hotdog of my life. Happy Dog had the best hotdogs and toppings I’ve witnessed, and an extreamly well thought out beer selection if I might add.

Most of the hotdog styles listed to the left I’ve never heard of, and may never try, but I can bet they’d be delicious.