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50 Myths To Scoff At

By | source:i-kinja Jun 22nd, 2015

Myths have infatuated society for hundreds of years. With the proliferation of science and technology we have the capacity to test these myths under extreme scrutiny. The truth can feel really good, but sometimes may not be what we expected.

The Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters television show has encapsulated audiences for over a decade debunking and testing hundreds of well-known fantasies. Jamie, Adam and their team of skilled builders and scientists have made a massive impact on the way we think about the scientific method and the uncertainties before us. Although the show has strayed from its core values these last few years the knowledge I derived from this show as a kid is priceless.

Today’s infographic cuts to the chase when it comes to the truth and will inform you on some of the greatest tall-tails from nature and law, to religion and science.