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The Beginning of American Internet Censorship: SOPA Bill

By | source: Nov 18th, 2011

The Stop Internet Piracy Act or SOPA is a bill being voted on soon (or voted on yesterday?) and is one of two pieces of legislature being introduced which threatens the very foundation of the internet. I’m sure that you have already read plenty of rants online, but let me tell you a one more time. The internet is under attack!

The SOPA and Protect IP Act will enable the American government with the power to censor international websites that have users who post copy righted content. The type of censorship method proposed is the same used in countries like Iran, China and Syria. A very interesting and informative data visualization video about the Protect IP Act can be found here.

Web sites like Youtube, twitter, Google and other search engines as well as social networks will have some of the greatest number of offending users. Imagine if your daughter posts a video of herself singing the Bieb’s newest song. Next thing you know there is a letter in the mail from the RIAA asking for a few thousand dollars or they will be forced to take ‘further legal action’. Not just big companies will be effected but personal blogs on blogger, tumbler, et cetera. Even your very own Daily Infographic along with thousands of other internet start-ups anticipate a much more volatile internet environment. Do your part to secure the future of the internet and the future of free speech. [Via]