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Free The Piggies

By | source: Nov 19th, 2011

The comparison between price and quality is often times made, but in the case of athletic shoes, it may not be necessary. Before you cough up $150 on a pair of flashy trainers, know that your shoes could be hindering you.

In most social circles, bare feet are barely present. If you’re looking to shake up things and gather a few stares, place your piggies on a pavement near you. Sneakers have only been prevalent for close to three decades and during that time, Achilles tendon blowouts and heel-ground collisions have increased. Shoe companies have taken notice of the benefits of a less is more shoe and capitalized on this business venture, making it a $1.7 billion industry. The Nike Free was all the rage when they were first released and the Vibram FiveFingers, or as they’re better known toe shoes, have captured the attention of eccentric outdoorsmen.

When I first pictured myself running and jumping sans shoes, it seemed farfetched. But when I thought of the natural feeling of freedom, wind between my toes and grass rubbing my feet, and how much it could save me financially, the idea began to seem less goofy. Next time I go for a run, freeing my feet will be the main prerogative. Can the same be said for you? [Via]